Gabriel Gonzalez

Gabriel Gonzalez

Hometown: Puerto Cabello, Venezuela
Major: Biomedical Engineering; French
Campus Involvement: Student Government Association, Student Admissions Team, Greek Life, International Bears Association, Bearforce, Mercer Ambassadors, and Society of American Military Engineers

“Mercer is a place where we grow and we teach, we fail and we succeed, we laugh and we cry, but most of all we find ourselves for who we truly are.”

I never visited Mercer before orientation, but the first moment that I stepped on the campus, I fell in love with it! Since being at Mercer, I’ve gotten involved in so many different organizations on campus, from Greek Life to Student Government Association, International Bears Association, Mercer Ambassadors, and more. Mercer has shown me that if I truly care about something, there are absolutely no limits to the things that I can achieve.

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