Kristina Hanson

Hometown: Weston, FL
Major: BSE in Biomedical Engineering, MSE in Engineering Management
Campus Involvement: Phi Mu, Mercer University Intramurals, Student Admissions Team, Mercer Maniacs

“With home almost nine hours away, I got to take advantage of the offerings of student life on the weekends without the temptation of going home frequently.”

As an engineer, I earned both my bachelors and masters degrees in just 5 years through the 4+1 program, allowing me to continue working with faculty who knew me very well. Outside of class, I joined a sorority, became a member of the Mercer Maniacs, and worked for Mercer Intramurals as a referee for different sports throughout the year. I shared my favorite Mercer memory with hundreds of my fellow students in Raleigh, NC, as the men’s basketball team played in the 2014 NCAA tournament. I will never forget that experience.

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