Transfer Admissions

Sometimes you need a new challenge or a change of scenery. You'll find both in Bear Territory. Mercer University accepts transfer applications for the fall, spring, and summer semesters, and each year over 100 transfer students join the Mercer family from two-year and four-year colleges and universities around the world. Although new to our vibrant campus community, transfer students immediately benefit from authentic interaction with faculty and classmates and greater opportunities for scholarship, research, leadership, and service. Our transfer students bring the same commitment to academic excellence, leadership, service, and extracurricular activities as the rest of their undergraduate peers, and these Bears quickly begin to thrive in their new habitat.

Who is a transfer student?
Applicants with more than nine (9) semester hours after high school graduation will be considered transfer students. If you have fewer than nine hours of college credit, you should follow the procedures for freshman applicants.

If you are a current high school student earning college credit through dual enrollment, you are not considered a transfer student and should apply as an incoming freshman.

The Admissions Process for Transfer Students

We've made the transfer process simple and straightforward so that you can focus on getting through the semester you're in now. We know that you have specific questions and needs that are different from high school students, so we've tailored your admissions process to make things easy on you.

If you are interested in Nursing, please take a look at the program pre-requisites before submitting your application. If you have fulfilled all of the pre-requisites, please submit an application directly to the Georgia Baptist College of Nursing.

NOTE: Mercer has several different campuses and applications. This page is meant to aid traditional undergraduate students seeking to transfer to Mercer’s main campus in Macon.

Campus Events Exclusively for Transfer Students

We understand that campus events are often geared toward high school students, so we host several events throughout the year designed exclusively for transfer students. Join us for one of these events and learn more about the transfer admissions process, financial aid opportunities, next steps before enrollment, and more.

Transfer Student Twilight Tour
Transfer Completion Workshop

Enrollment Term Priority Deadline
Fall April 15
Spring November 15
Summer March 15

Applications received after the priority deadlines will be considered on a space-available basis.

Required Less Than 30 Credit Hours 30-60 Credit Hours More Than 60 Credit Hours
Application for Admission

College Transcripts Minimum 2.5 GPA Minimum 2.5 GPA Minimum 2.5 GPA
High School Transcripts

SAT/ACT Scores

Remember to submit official transcripts from all previously attended institutions. To ensure proper evaluation of all transfer credits, final transcripts should be received 15 business days prior to the first day of class for your intended entry term.

Enrollment Term First Day of Class
Spring 2019 January 7
Summer 2019 Session 1 May 20
Summer 2019 Session 2 June 24
Fall 2019 August 20

Official credit evaluation will be completed within two-to-four weeks of receipt of all complete transcript(s) and acceptance.

Mercer's Office of the Registrar evaluates only official copies of transcripts after an application for admission has been received. If a transfer course does not have a specific Mercer equivalent, it will be posted on your academic record as an elective course. Certain Mercer departments restrict the number of electives that can be applied towards their degree programs. Departments with special regulations are identified in the course section of the University Catalog.

Transfer Equivalency Estimator

Use this Transfer Equivalency Estimator to see how your college-level coursework will likely transfer to Mercer University. This estimator tool is subject to revision as we continue to add new institutions and course equivalencies. The Transfer Equivalency Estimator does not provide a complete list of courses that will transfer to Mercer. If your institution is not listed but is regionally accredited, we will likely accept transfer credit.

The Transfer Equivalency Estimator provides an unofficial report of transferable courses. An official report will be completed by the University Registrar upon submission of official college transcripts and acceptance to the University.

Mercer University Transfer Credit Policy:

  • Mercer University will accept coursework with a grade of C or better that was completed at regionally accredited institutions.
  • Transfer credit must come from an institution that is regionally accredited.
  • Mercer University will not transfer any remedial courses.
  • A minimum of 32 credits must be earned at Mercer University to be eligible for graduation.
  • The maximum credit allowed from all two-year colleges attended is 64 semester hours.
  • Developmental and institutionally-based courses will not be accepted for transfer credit.
  • Courses in programs not available at Mercer (e.g., vocational programs) will not be accepted.

Please note that Mercer University offers courses in several locations and online. Courses offered in the traditional undergraduate program on the Macon campus will come from the Mercer University Macon Catalog. Courses offered in the adult undergraduate programs on the Macon campus, Atlanta campus and the Regional Academic Centers will come from the Mercer University Regional Academic Centers Catalog.

For more information, contact the Office of University Admissions:

Ashley Herman
Assistant Director of Admissions

Special Scholarship Opportunities

You may be eligible for larger merit-based scholarships through participation in one of Mercer's prestigious scholarship competitions. Applicants who meet the academic criteria for the competition will receive an invitation to attend from the Office of University Admissions. Competitions include the Engineering Scholarship Challenge, Media Changemaker Scholars Challenge, and Business Scholarship Challenge.

Mercer-Based Scholarships

Mercer awards merit scholarships to incoming transfer students based on academic credentials provided in the application for admission.

Students with exceptionally high academic credentials or Phi Theta Kappa membership may be eligible for special scholarships.
Domestic Transfers
3.5 - 4.0 GPA $10,500
3.25 - 3.49 $8,500
3.0 - 3.24 $7,000
2.5 - 2.99 $4,000

Need-Based Scholarships

Students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for federal, state, and University-funded financial aid.

Enrollment Term FAFSA Form
Spring 2019 2018-2019 FAFSA
Summer 2019 2019-2020 FAFSA
Fall 2019 2019-2020 FAFSA (Available October 1, 2018)

If you are participating in the Regents Engineering Pathway program and want to enjoy the advantages of a small, intimate learning environment, Mercer could be the place for you. Complete one, two, or more years of engineering pathway courses at participating University System of Georgia institutions and then transfer to Mercer to complete your degree with one of the following specializations: biomedical, civil, computer, electrical, environmental, industrial, or mechanical.

Students interested in transferring in to the School of Engineering must meet all admissions requirements and have successfully completed pre-calculus at a regionally accredited institution.

Once you have made your decision to transfer, you will need to submit your $500 enrollment deposit to reserve your space at Mercer University.

Secure Your Spot

If you are enrolling for Fall semester, your enrollment deposit is fully refundable until June 15. If you are enrolling for Spring semester, your enrollment deposit is fully refundable until December 1. Should you change your mind prior to these deadlines, you may request a refund by contacting Ashley Herman, Assistant Director of Admissions, at 478.301.5123 or

Mercer Students on Campus

Register for Classes

After you complete the admissions process and submit your enrollment deposit, you will be contacted by the Office of Academic and Advising Services to complete class registration and orientation. The Office of Academic and Advising Services will assist you in selecting a course schedule that will ensure a smooth transition to Mercer University. Regardless of the number of credits you are able to transfer, a minimum of 32 credits must be earned in residency at Mercer University to be eligible for graduation.

On-campus housing is not guaranteed for transfer students. Housing assignments for transfer students will be made based upon the date in which your enrollment deposit is submitted. More information about housing options is available through the Office of Housing and Residence Life.

Office of Housing and Residence Life
Mercer University

Veterans and Active Military Duty

Mercer University is a federally designated "Principles of Excellence" education institution as determined by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Extensive educational benefits are available to veterans and their dependents attending Mercer University.
Mercer Military Students

How To Start VA Programs

  • Submit an application for admission at Be sure to indicate veteran status on your application.
  • Visit the VA website ( and apply for education and training benefits. The VA Regional Processing Office will promptly process your application and determine eligibility.
  • If you are a transfer student, use VA Form 22-1995.
  • If you are a survivor or dependent of a veteran, use VA Form 22-5490.
  • For VOC-REHAB eligible veterans at 100% rate, use VA Form 28-1900.

Mercer University will submit enrollment verification and tuition/fees to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Tuition and fees for chapters 31 and 33 are paid directly to Mercer’s Office of the Bursar. VA will send monthly payments for all other chapters (30, 35, 1606, 1607) to the students via direct deposit. If a student is eligible for other benefits (monthly housing allowance, books and supplies stipend, or rural benefit payment), they will be paid directly to the student via direct deposit.

Transfer applicants who wish to take advantage of veterans benefits should contact Mercer's Veterans Benefits Coordinator Marcy Mobini in the Office of the Registrar at 478.301.2683 or to confirm eligibility and complete the process to receive benefits. Once accepted to the University, students must file additional paperwork in order to receive veterans benefits.

Transient Students

Mercer Transients Students

Looking to take a few classes that will transfer back to your primary institution? Applying to Mercer as a transient student might be a good option for you! For more information or to have your questions answered, contact Ashley Herman, Assistant Director of Admissions, at 478.301.5123 or

Applying as a Transient Student:

  • Follow the Transfer Applicant requirements to submit your application for admission.
  • Transient applicants must be currently enrolled and in good standing at another college or university.
  • A written statement must be obtained from the college or university that (1) gives the student specific approval to attend Mercer and (2) specifies the courses that may be taken. The written statement must be sent to Mercer University's Office of University Admissions.
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